Sunday, November 20, 2005

Infantjoy at Crossing Border..

Just last night
Infantjoy at the Crossing Border Festival
showing The Hague The Netherlands
Where The Night Goes



just departing

bright lighting

big mouth striking


white tracksuiting


close to arriving, too soon

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Infantjoy =
Paul Morley (NME, ZTT, Art of Noise) and James Banbury (The Auteurs)

Infantjoy has just released their debut album
Where The Night Goes on Sony BMG. A mini-tour accompanies the release at this very moment.
More info at and

Been listening to Infantjoy's Where The Night Goes for lots of times now, and how beautiful their musical frame for a night is!!

It's a journey from dusk till dawn, translated in one hour of music, divided in 12 pieces.There are electronic sounds, sampled voices and breaks, and there's a classical piano.The sounds are almost like atmospheric disturbances, like the unidentified noises late at night on the radio after all broadcasts have ended, accompanied by a warm and soothing piano. A bit melancholic at first, reminiscing the past day, then hopeful, awaking to a new tomorrow and a fresh new day. Erik Satie is heavily involved. And there’s this beautiful cover of David Sylvian’s Ghosts, although a bit too clearly sung -for my taste- by Sarah Nixey.

It’s rougher, it’s more experimental and it got so much more soul, if you want me to compare it with AoN. Imho Paul Morley has taken himself quite a few steps further from the Debussy album, and that’s exactly why I like Where The Night Goes so much. A breathtaking journey!!