Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Secret Wish re-enters the UK charts at its 25th anniversary

Propaganda's A Secret wish just re-entered the UK charts at #92, at the exact same position it left 25 years ago. Amazing, in times like these...! You can keep an eye on the charts here.

- excited like it's 1985! -

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Claudia Brücken's Love: and a million other things rereleased as a 2CD


Yes, after almost 20 years the rerelease is finally there!
As a double CD, with a lot of extra's.
Or, as Cherry Red Records states it:

'Expanded 2CD reissue of the only solo album to date from Claudia Brücken, electronic pop siren and lead singer of Propaganda, the band NME described as the 'Duel' in ZTT Records' crown.
* Originally released in 1991, the album includes the singles 'Absolut[e]', 'Kiss Like Ether' and 'Fanatic', cowritten with godfather of electronic music Thomas Leer, with whom Claudia formed the cult ZTT band Act in the late 80s.
* Cherry Red's expanded reissue includes the original album plus 10 bonus tracks covering all the singles, B-sides and remixes of the era.
* 'Love...' was produced by Pascal Gabriel who at the time was on the wave of massive success producing and cowriting Bomb The Bass' Beat Dis and S'Express' Theme from S'Express. But it was this album with Claudia Brücken that set the standard for every electronic diva that has followed in her wake all of which have been produced by Pascal Gabriel (Goldfrapp, Kylie, Dido, Little Boots, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Ladyhawke).
* Other artists featured on the album include Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17), Steve Jansen (Japan), John Uriel (ABC, Thomas Lang), Steve Nye (Penguin Cafe Orchestra), and singers Claudia Fontaine and Carol Kenyon.
* Three tracks are released on CD for the first time, including Pascal Gabriel's promo-only 12" Bastille Mix of 'Absolut [e]' and the Earth Mood Magic in a Present Tense 12" mix of 'Kiss Like Ether' by John Waddell, whose remix credits range from Kylie to De La Soul.'


Disc 1
1. Kiss Like Ether
2. Baby Sigh
3. Absolut[E]
4. Suicide - A Song For A Ghost
5. Unforgivable
6. Moments Of Joy
7. Fanatic (The Nail In My Soul)
8. Love In Another World
9. Always...
10. Surprise

Disc 2
1. Absolut[E] (Shooting Star)
2. Absolut[E] (Bastille Mix)
3. Whisper
4. Kiss Like Ether (As Pure)
5. I, Dream
6. Kiss Like Ether (Electrical Embrace)
7. I, Dream (Recurring)
8. Kiss Like Ether (Earth Mood Magic)
9. Kiss Like Ether (Earth Mood Magic In A Present Tense)

Audio CD (16 Aug 2010)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Cherry Red

Already ready for preorder at amazon.co.uk or play.com

Love the deja vu feelings all these rereleases provoke, oh! :D