Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Language, Claudia Brücken & Andrew Poppy, on myspace

Claudia Brücken and Andrew Poppy got their own space at myspace now at Let's become friends!

They both released their Another Language album early '05, are still working with eachother on and off and will be performing live March 28th at 'A Tribute to Billy MacKenzie'! See my post Onetwo : live, facts and rumours for more details.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Onetwo : releases, updated

The hard copies are there and existing and breathing and vibrating and looking very very gorgeous and waiting for you here!

full length album

release date UK, also on iTunes, Monday 26.02.07

01 The Theory Of Everything (Part I)
02 The Theory Of Everything (Part II) *listen*
03 Sequential
04 Home (Tonight) *listen*
05 Signals
06 Have A Cigar
07 I Don't Blame You
08 Cloud Nine *listen*
09 Anonymous
10 Heaven
11 Kein Anschluss *listen*
12 The Weakness In Me
13 A Vision In The Sky
14 Home (Tonight) (Paul Freegard remix)

15 One and Only (Sister)

Cloud Nine

release date UK, also on iTunes, Monday 19.02.07

01 Cloud Nine (Blank & Jones Radio Edit)
02 Cloud Nine (Album Version) *listen*
03 Kein Anschluss (S.I.T.D. Remix)
04 Home (Tonight) (Manhattan Clique Remix)

Cloud Nine
cdsingle deluxe version on iTunes

release date Monday 19.02.07

tracklisting as the hard copy cdsingle, plus:
- Home (Tonight) (Paul Freegard remix)
- One and Only (Sister)
the same tracks as the Instead deluxe version

Onetwo, remixed
12" club vinyl ltd edition

release date Monday 19.02.07

A. Kein Anschluss (Blank & Jones Rhythmus Raum Remix)
AA. Home (Tonight) (Manhattan Clique Remix)

more info at promotion company Music HouseRenegade

I'll update this post with extra additional info... Again, and again!

:D :Dreams become true :D :D