Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Claudia Brücken's brand new video Thank You

Claudia Brücken's brand new video by director Martin Gooch for her brand new single co-written with and produced by Stephen Hague (New Order, Blur, Pet Shop Boys). Taken from the brand new album Claudia Brücken - Combined.

It's brand new!

Available to pre-order now at ZTT's shop.
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Thank You!
for this incredible beautiful X-mas gift !!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Claudia's best of: Claudia Brücken Combined

It's out there!

To be released on February 7th 2011,
on Salvo/ZTT 'Element Series' #13, SALVOCD046.
With a great video for 'Thank You' (soon!), written with Stephen Hague, like 'Night School'. With finally the release of This is not America with Frankie's Paul Rutherford. And a new reinterpretation with Andrew Poppy, Blue Velvet's In Dreams. And a cover to completely die for, thank you, Rebels in Control!

A great way to start the new year! :D

'Coming to prominence as the lead vocalist in ZTT's influential hit-making Düsseldorf combo Propaganda, Claudia Brücken was one of the more distinctive female voices of the mid-1980s (and one of the few females to front a synth-pop group). Following the implosion of Propaganda in 1986, Claudia has enjoyed a distinguished career in the arena of electronic pop and dance music, alongside a series of highly talented collaborators, including Thomas Leer (with whom she formed the cult duo Act after leaving Propaganda), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Paul Humphreys (OMD, Onetwo), Paul Rutherford (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) and Andy Bell (Erasure). This stylishly-packaged collection draws together the very best of Claudia's work over the last 25 years (in ComBination with the artists mentioned above); beginning with a trio of Propaganda hits and bringing us right up to date with a couple of superb new songs written and produced by Claudia and super-producer Stephen Hague, which are released here for the very first time. An unusual artist with a distinctive voice and a perennially stylish approach, Claudia has never been one to follow trends and commands a loyal following among devotees of electronic music. Following our highly successful deluxe reissue of the Propaganda album A Secret Wish, ComBined is a timely reminder of her often understated talents; a release that oozes class, much like the lady herself.'


1. Dr.Mabuse (A Paranoid Fantasy) - Propaganda
2. Duel - Propaganda
3. (The Beta Wrap Around Of) P:Machinery - Propaganda
4. Absolutely Immune - ACT
5. Snobbery And Decay - ACT
6. Kiss Like Ether - Claudia Brücken
7. Absolut(E) - Claudia Brücken
8. Delicious - Andy Bell And Claudia Brücken
9. Cloud 9ine - Onetwo
10. Thank You - Claudia Brücken
11. Sequentia - Onetwo
12. Light The Way (Radio Seduction Edit) - Chrome Seduction Feat. Claudia Brücken
13. This Is Not America - Claudia Brücken And Paul Rutherford
14. Night School - Claudia Brücken
15. In Dreams - Claudia Brücken And Andrew Poppy

'Timing: Propaganda songs (1-3) written and recorded between 1983 and 1985. Act songs (4, 5) written and recorded between 1985 and 1987. «Love: and a Million Other Things» (6, 7) was released in 1991. «Delicious» (8) released on the Andy Bell album «Electric Blue» in 2005. «Cloud 9» (9) from the Onetwo album «Instead» released in 2007. «Sequentia» (11) remixed in 2010. «Thank You» and «Night School» (10, 14) written in 2009/10. «Light the Way» (12) released in 1993 «This is Not America» (13) recorded in 2001. «In Dreams» (15) recorded in 2010.'

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