Thursday, March 13, 2008

Onetwo and Blank + Jones = collaborate! again

Exciting news on the Blank + Jones myspace in Morleyesc terms...!

A new album, The Logic of Pleasure, with a brand new Onetwo track:

'Their latest collection “The Logic of Pleasure” continues their tradition of teaming up with unique singers and temperaments and features some tantalising collaborations. (...) blank+jones continue their relationship with Dusseldorf and London's Claudia Brücken. As always she fits perfectly into the blank+jones human-machine scheme of things, her dramatic voice and their dramatic dynamic totally in psychic synchronicity.'

A new single, a collaboration with Joy Division's/New Order's/Electronic's Bernard Sumner, Miracle Cure, with a brand new Onetwo remix:

'Miracle Cure will appear as the song it is and also as a brilliantly arranged series of energising/lounging uptown, down town and across town mixes from the blank+jones studio, and also from Manchester born Berlin based hypno-trance pioneer Mark Reeder, the currently on fire electro-obsessive Canadian Glenn Morrison, the prolific trancefrenzied German master Martin Roth, the Anglo-German electro-adventurers Onetwo and Scandinavian chilltronica club kings Lulu Rouge.'

For more news and details keep an eye on the Blank + Jones myspace!

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Saturday, March 08, 2008