Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Onetwo @ Leicester Cathedral - pics #1

28.08.06 bank holiday in the afternoon

claudia all over leicester!

soundchecking the cathedral...

...with the sun in your eyes

Onetwo @ Leicester Cathedral - pics #2

28.08.06 bank holiday in the evening

claudia singing - paul synthesizing

paul singing

claudia synthesizing

Onetwo @ Leicester Cathedral - setlist & short review

a ravishing beautiful night with Onetwo
they took my heart away,

the theory of everything - part 1*
teutonic beginnings...

the theory of everything - part 2*
...of a gentle popsong
best of both Onetwo worlds!


a darker synthpop past love song


dr mabuse
no beginnings without endings
'sell him your soul'
with the vicar attending


kein anschluss*
in german, hauntingly desperately beautiful
-you know the feeling-
experimental and a bit of depeche there

element of truth

forever live and die

have a cigar*
[pink floyd cover]
a ztt kick in the eye + a tribute to syd + a dancefloor filler = an instant hit!
try to mix this with frankie's relax and dead or alive's you spin me round...
_scissor sisters eat your heart out_

breathtakingly beautiful song on love and pain and hate
and a bit of revenge
i cried through that one

up to you to review ;-)


cloud 9

snobbery and decay
those were the days - wow!

a classic say no more


paul: 'propaganda!'



a vision in the sky*
hopeful endings of a night which promises so much more

'we love you, claudia!'
'what's that?'

* new songs from the Instead album
to be released early 2007 after a single release!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This August: Onetwo @ Leicester Cathedral

*** Just a little reminder ***

At the end of this month, on the 28th of August, Onetwo will be performing at the Leicester Cathedral. There are still tickets available, so come on, don't be shy.
Check for all the details.

And let us meet in church for a change.

*** This October: Onetwo's LongPlayer Instead will see the light of day, more details very sooooon @ ***