Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CB-tee, Claudia Brücken's unique Scala t-shirt

From Onetwo's myspace and facebook...:

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Oh, what a night: Claudia Brücken, Live at the Scala, reviewed

Oh, what a night: pictures

with Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware, Heaven 17

with Susanne Freytag and Ralf Dörper, Propaganda

with Andrew Poppy

stage set before

a decent queue (sold out!)


set list (with a little flaw...)

Pictures taken by Martine Lanting, Glenn Gregory (more backstage fun at his facebook Glenn Martyn Gregory Ware) and Roger Goodgroves.

Oh, what a night: reviews, so far

i-D magazine online 15.03.11 ...'She's not resting on her laurels though - dressed in a Westwood number, Brücken has grown into herself. At 47 she's quite a lady but still retains an endearing self-consciousness about her demeanor.'...

Record Collector April 2011

 13.03.11 ...'In fine voice throughout, she captured the hearts of all who were present and was humbly appreciative in return. It was an outstanding evening, delightfully performed and presented... .almost perfect in fact.'...

NME mag 08.03.11

 (reviews) ...'Claudia sounded convincing and faultless throughout the night with the enthusiastic audience hanging onto every word'...'The band sounded tight and totally on the same page on every single track, one of the best I have heard live with such a set-up'...'Essential'...