Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Onetwo @ Leicester Cathedral - pics #2

28.08.06 bank holiday in the evening

claudia singing - paul synthesizing

paul singing

claudia synthesizing


Rosen Association said...

Thanks for posting the pics! I was seated 2nd row right in front of Claudia, very near the position the pics were taken!

It was a great night, I'm very partial to Propaganda, but loved the new OneTwo songs.

I particularly liked the "Have a cigar" cover and the unforgettable "Vision in the sky" - blew me away!

Very powerful, gotta be the single!!

sendalittlesign said...

A great night indeed! I thought the sound was just perfect in the cathedral... and what a voice, eh!

I was seated on the third, btw, next to the aisle, opposite CB, so right behind you.

You didn't take any pics yourself?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics and the setlist. It's such a pity I couldn't attend the concert, would have loved to hear those new songs... But with your blog I somehow get the feeling I was there as well...

Best wishes, Ronald aka P:Machinery

Anonymous said...

You must have been right behind me!

Usually cameras aren't allowed into UK gigs, so I didn't bring mine. :(

Anyway, great pics considering they were taken in low light! You really captured the moment!

The cathedral was a great venue, don't know what the clergy thought of "...sell him your soul.." and "...he's devoted to the devil..." - maybe the last time they get to play there eh?

Can't wait for the next one now...

Bridgford said...

Rosen - I must have been sat behind you because I was in the third row in front of Claudia!

What a fantastic gig - and i was completely gobsmacked to meet Claudia and Paul in person, when they signed my CD after the gig. Do they usually do that?

sendalittlesign said...

Hmmm, you must have been seated right beside my girlfriend then! Nice to meet you all again up here!