Saturday, December 23, 2006

a little gift

A free low fat (64kbps) snippet (1'34) of MacDevila's Into The Blue remix of Onetwo's Cloud 9 is given to me by Inversion Recordings as a little Xmas present. I'm allowed to share this sneak prehear with you. Just to get an idea. (See my earlier posts on the sleeve design etc.)

For the next 7 days or a maximum of 100 downloads:
(copy-paste in browser)


Cloud 9 transformed into Club 9 ;-)

Merry Christmas and Silent Nights everyone!



Rosen Association said...

Wow! It's great! Sounds so different ... much faster tempo than the original version.

Thanks so much for going to all this trouble to give us a sneak preview!

A great Christmas pressie! :)

Just wonder if it's available to download somewhere now as I ditched my turntable many moons ago...

sendalittlesign said...

Hmmm, I'm afraid you have to dig out a new turntable for this one, will only appear on 12" as far as I know! But you never know, I'll keep you posted...

Ronald said...

What a way to end this year! Thanks for sharing this with us, I really like this remixed version, even though it's only a snippet!

Can't wait for that 12"!

Best wishes for 2007!

Ciao, Ronald

PS: never get rid of your turntable, vinyl is still hot!