Saturday, October 13, 2007

Onetwo, instead : interviews

Interviews related to Instead, it's release and promotion (Onetwo, live!),
so far:

September 2007
Claudia talking to BORlife, das Internetmagazin, during Onetwo's Erasure tour in Germany.

April 2007
Interview 29.04.07 with phtwo and cbone at the Knaack Berlin, TV Berlin, Yagaloo - Das Musikmagazin. Just try to sit out the intro, and enjoy the first item ;)

YAGALOO – Das Musikmagazin - kewego
YAGALOO – Das Musikmagazin - kewego

Paul und Claudia im Gespräch mit

March 2007
Interview with Paul and Claudia at

February 2007
Interview with Claudia at

Interview in thelondonpaper 06.02.07
with Claudia.
No, not virtual, but on genuine paper again. Click to actually read :)

Interview in The Word magazine
with Claudia.
With The Theory of Everything on the accompanying CD! February issue! Very very glossy! Out in the shops now all over Europe, or order a copy at The Word site!

>>> >>> >>>
Due to a mastering error not The Theory of Everything - Part II ended on The Word cover mount CD, but Part I: beautiful, but totally instrumental, only a minute and a half, and worst of all -ARGHL!!!- no Claudia singing! The Word's going to make up for this mistake: The Theory of Everything - Part II will be on the cover mount CD of their May issue. Out in the UK on the 12th of April!

January 2007
with Paul and Claudia.
with Claudia.
... and not a word about Duesseldorf!! ;-)

December 2006
with Paul.
Translated in German, the original recorded interview is up there as well.


Rosen Association said...

When I saw the easyjet link I was wondering where this was going...

Good interview, never been to Cologne, so I've got some tips now anyway if and when I do.

The thought of running into Claudia while browsing in a record store is cool, reminds me of times in LA, when you'd be casually shopping and find some movie star behind you at the checkout.

I always held them up He-he!

Anonymous said...

zoooow die's van vandaag! da's rap! ;-)

sendalittlesign said...

I love to nourish my fellow Onetwo fans... :D

Jij bent trouwens ook erg rap ;)