Thursday, March 01, 2007

Onetwo : releases, updated

The hard copies are there and existing and breathing and vibrating and looking very very gorgeous and waiting for you here!

full length album

release date UK, also on iTunes, Monday 26.02.07

01 The Theory Of Everything (Part I)
02 The Theory Of Everything (Part II) *listen*
03 Sequential
04 Home (Tonight) *listen*
05 Signals
06 Have A Cigar
07 I Don't Blame You
08 Cloud Nine *listen*
09 Anonymous
10 Heaven
11 Kein Anschluss *listen*
12 The Weakness In Me
13 A Vision In The Sky
14 Home (Tonight) (Paul Freegard remix)

15 One and Only (Sister)

Cloud Nine

release date UK, also on iTunes, Monday 19.02.07

01 Cloud Nine (Blank & Jones Radio Edit)
02 Cloud Nine (Album Version) *listen*
03 Kein Anschluss (S.I.T.D. Remix)
04 Home (Tonight) (Manhattan Clique Remix)

Cloud Nine
cdsingle deluxe version on iTunes

release date Monday 19.02.07

tracklisting as the hard copy cdsingle, plus:
- Home (Tonight) (Paul Freegard remix)
- One and Only (Sister)
the same tracks as the Instead deluxe version

Onetwo, remixed
12" club vinyl ltd edition

release date Monday 19.02.07

A. Kein Anschluss (Blank & Jones Rhythmus Raum Remix)
AA. Home (Tonight) (Manhattan Clique Remix)

more info at promotion company Music HouseRenegade

I'll update this post with extra additional info... Again, and again!

:D :Dreams become true :D :D


Rosen Association said...

OK, so this answers a question I already asked about the relesase date of the single! LOL

I'm away at the end of February on a couple of trips, but it'll give me something to look forward to coming back to!

Wow, all this happening at the same time, it's exciting!

Now all we need is some live dates...

CobraBora said... still says the release date is Feb 9.
Is it only the UK release that has been postponed?

sendalittlesign said...

The release will be postponed in germany as well, I'm afraid. The UK dates are leading...

Anonymous said...


sendalittlesign said...

Yeah, I know, but there's a big difference between the band with and the band without a ZwischenStrich...!!! ;-)

Never misspell:

The site will be updated vvvvery soon!!!

Anonymous said...

yup the difference being that the one WITH a zwischenstrich keep their website updated ,-)

sendalittlesign said...

nag-nag ;D

Anonymous said...

i'm told the digital album will contain 2 bonustracks .....
i'll wait for that then.

Anonymous said...

look what i just found....

what a sweet surprise!

sendalittlesign said...

Hey, great find indeed...! The single is up there as well, I see!

NOTE that the iTunes releases will feature two tracks extra, for the Album, instead and the Single, cloud nine, plus will accompany special artwork... I never loved the month February this much before ;)

Anonymous said...

kein anschluss blank and jones rhythmus raum remix

i like it (and downloaded it, fully legally)

sendalittlesign said...

So where, if I might ask...?

I've fallen out with iTunes, bugger.. you can actually see the albums and tracks in the UK store, but are not allowed to buy if you're...Dutch fi...bleh!! I feel very continental, again. :(

Anonymous said...

yup had the same experience, what we're they thinking.....?????

sendalittlesign said...

Oh, iTunes is willing to sell me the tracks now. Check Home (Tonight) on the deluxe version of the album, is a moody mix by Paul Freegard. Different computer, different mood...? D'oh!

Anonymous said...

both 12 " available here too