Thursday, May 27, 2010

Propaganda's A Secret Wish 2CD deluxe edition this summer

Never look back - Schau nicht zurück ?

After years and years (25 in total) of re-releasing the same old good-good stuff in little variations, Ian Peel (and Union Square Music) finally managed to clear up the ZTT vaults a bit and will give us Propaganda's highly acclaimed '85 album A Secret Wish in a 2CD deluxe edition this summer...

ooooh, heaven is waiting...

The album consists of rare and previously unreleased remixes, studio outtakes, Trevor Horn 12"s and the 20-minute cassette mix of Duel (!)

01 Dream Within A Dream
02 The Murder Of Love
03 Jewel
04 Duel
05 Frozen Faces
06 p:Machinery
07 Sorry For Laughing
08 The Chase
09 Dr. Mabuse
10 Dream Within A Dream (analogue variation)
11 Jewel (analogue variation)
12 Duel (analogue variation)
13 p:Machinery (analogue variation)
14 Dr. Mabuse (First Life)
15 The Last Word (Strength to Dream)

01 Do Well (The First Cut / Duel / Jewel (Cut Rough)/Wonder/Bejewelled
02 Testament One
03 Die Tausend Augen Des Mabuse
04 Sorry For Laughing (Unapolagetic 12")
05 Thought Part I
06 Thought Part II
07 p:Machinery (Goodnight 32)
08 The Chase (the Goodnight Mix)
09 (Echo of) Frozen Faces
10 p:Machinery (p:Polish)
11 Testament Three

Indietective is one of the first online sellers which listed it, you can preorder it here for it's release on 16.07.2010.

Come on Claudia, Susanne, Ralf und Michael:
Let's Add Some Gigs!!!
so I can fall in love all over and over and over again :D


REVO said...

Lovely! I have the Do-Well cassette but the fact remains; it was a pre-recorded cassette, and as such left much to be desired sonically when I digitized it. The extra material on this looks potentially heart stopping.

sendalittlesign said...

after 25 years i almost fainted when i read the tracklist....! :)