Monday, September 18, 2006

Onetwo @ Too 2 Much - London

From the latest Manhattan Clique newsletter
and confirmed by Onetwo at :

'STOP PRESS - We will be playing with Onetwo (Claudia Brucken & Paul Humphreys) at a special gig at London's Too 2 Much venue on Mon 13th November. This will be there only live show in the UK this year - tickets at flag promotions'

that is if you dare ;-)

Keep your eyes on the Onetwo site for more details soon on their little Middle-South-American tour at the end of November as well. Mexico, Peru and Chile, get ready!


Rosen Association said...

Hi, I just noticed this London gig on theremusic website!

A lot closer than Central/South America, though I'd love to visit beautiful Mexico again!!


sendalittlesign said...

So you'll be making the pics for the Soho gig then...?

Rosen Association said...

Yeah, I'll have my camera with me this time! From Cathedral to former strip joint ... who chooses these venues?

Can't wait!Dying to see that OTT red leather seating...

sendalittlesign said...

Ah, that's a promise then? ;-)

Make sure you make a full tour there, but stay protected at all times, especially in the darker areas, okay?