Thursday, October 26, 2006

Onetwo @ South America

(next to the gig at TOO2MUCH in London November the 13th, see below)
Onetwo's gigs in Middle and South Amerca are being confirmed :D

> Tuesday 21st November - Mexico City (venue Mexico City Hall, more info @ )
> Friday 24th November - Lima, Peru (venue Niza, Avenida Arequipa 1501 - 9pm)
> Saturday 25th November - Santiago de Chile (venue Ex Teatro Italia, Bilbao 465)

Keep an eye on or ; more details for these shows will follow soon.

Next to that Claudia and Paul are also finalizing their release schedules so there will be an announcement regarding this soon also :D


Rosen Association said...

Sounds good, wish I could go... :(

sendalittlesign said...

Hey, no need to sulk, you're planning to go to the too2much-gig, n'est pas...? ;-)

rosen association said...

Yes, but I love Mexico! OneTwo AND Mexico would be fabulous!

Surely they need someone to carry their bags...

Hablo español...

Anyway I'm off to Ireland tomorrow!